The TRULY Considered Fabric Guide

TRULY Considered

Our TRULY Considered products use an extensive range of sustainable and environmentally conscious fabrics and techniques.

Sourcing sustainable fabrics takes time and can often cost more than non-sustainable options. However we believe that the extra time and additional costs are worth it if it can help our environment in anyway.

We know you will agree with us that our planet is our most precious resource and worth cherishing.

And so with that in mind where we don’t have a sustainable answer, please be assured that we are doing our very best to find a solution. Scroll through to learn more about the fabrics we have used in our Truly Considered range, to shop the products made from sustainable fabric just look out for the Truly Considered logo.

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Organic Cotton

Our entire denim range is made by an environmentally conscious factory in Europe that is GOTS certified. This means that our denim is organic, and the factory is committed to driving social compliance and improvements within the factories and farms in their global supply chains.

Due to the environmental impact, the factory does not sandblast denim and 70% of water used in the process is reused during production.

The factory also ensures all workers’ rights are adhered to. Something we’re TRULY happy to be proud of!


As part of our growing SS19 collection, our T-Shirts are made from a super-soft bamboo and organic cotton blend. Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource and our organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Bamboo Qualities

Truly Soft: You have to feel it to believe it - it’s so soft and feels so nice next to your skin.

Truly Kind: There are enough irritations in life, bamboo is not one of them. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin and you will never have to worry about static again!

Truly Tech: Its anti-bacterial, so you’ll smell fresh all day long. Absorbs moisture away from your skin with its wicking capabilities and keeps you warm whilst also being breathable!

Truly Protects: Bamboo fabric aids care-free sunny days, as it has a UP factor of 50 and protects from 98% of UV rays.


Made from sustainable cotton with eco-friendly lyocell SEACELL™, our Slogan Jumpers are also completely biodegradable. Shell Yeah!

Seacell™ is produced from sustainable raw materials of wood and seaweed manufactured in a close loop, where no chemicals are released as waste. The seaweed comes from an approved source of Ascophyllum nodosum, also known as rockweed or knotted kelp from the Icelandic fjords.

The seaweed is harvested only once every four years by removing only part of the plant, in a gentle and sustainable process allowing it to continue to regenerate. The fabric is then manufactured in the same way as lyocell. The fabric is naturally breathable, lightweight and super soft against the skin.

Dupont™ Sorona®

Dupont Sorona is made from two main ingredients of annually renewable resources; one ingredient is created through a fermentation process of glucose, currently from feed corn crops. The production of Sorona uses up to 30% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 63% compared to nylon.

Dupont Sorona® is naturally stretchy, with full recovery after wear and wash.

To create our beautiful longline cardigan, we blended this sustainable fabric with another sustainable fabric, Modal. This combination has a super soft hand-feel whilst also resisting colour fading and is super quick to dry.

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Supima® Cotton

Our beautifully soft Stripe Jumper is made from the world’s finest cotton, spun with pure, traceable cashmere from Inner Mongolia. Supima® cotton is a superior type of cotton grown in the USA.

Supima® cotton is made from extra-long fibres that help create a fabric that is strong, soft and retains its colour.

It equates to just 1% of cotton grown in the world and is farmed using state-of-the-art technology such as GPS tracking on tractors that harvest the cotton, to soil monitors. Ensuring the best quality cotton is grown with minimal impact to the environment as possible.


Truly Soft: Naturally soft in every way, Modal is twice as soft as cotton.

Truly Natural: Modal fibre comes from Beechwood, a deep rooting plant and one of the most versatile types of wood. Known as the ‘Mother of the Forest’ it is extremely resistant.

Truly Sustainable: Beechwood trees propagate by themselves, no human interference needed! Meaning the forests of beechwood are completely natural and sustainable.

Truly Clean: Our Modal is manufactured in a gentle and environmentally responsible way, right from the pulp all the way to the yarn.

Recycled Cotton

The yarn for the recycled cotton is made by sourcing pre-dyed cotton scraps from the fashion industry, that would otherwise be discarded, these are then arranged by colour. Because the fabrics are already pre-dyed they do not need to be re-dyed, saving on water and chemical processes that would otherwise harm the environment.

The rags are broken down into fibres ready for spinning. A mix of these coloured yarns are then woven to make eco-sustainable products such as our stunning Constellation throw.